A Picture History on our Charger R/T Restoration

This is a picture of the Charger just after we got it running in the fall of 1995. It doesn't even have the rear bumper or wheel trim rings on in this shot. We were able to go cruising before winter.

Now for what it took to get here!

Before, During and Completed Shots

How the engine looked when purchased

Close up of unrestored engine

After many hours of sanding, and stripping. Every part, nut, bolt, and washer is off.

Finally, on the trailer ready to go to the pros for some body magic!

Here Jon and Randy from J&D Restorations bring back the body so we can sand on it awhile after they had preformed the needed sheetmetal work, sprayed on metal etching primer and then sandable primer. Later they took it back to their shop and applied the finish coats of paint......

After a lot of work by Jon, Randy and Todd at J&D Restorations we get the body back.

Here we've gotten some of the firewall parts put back on.

Here we are getting ready to put the rebuilt engine in.....

We used a 2 x 4 on edge across the back of the engine compartment with chains to support the rear of the engine until the transmission is put in. This allows the car to be moved if needed.

Here we're putting the rebuilt matching number transmission back in. Note C- Clamp to hold torque convertor in place while installing.

This is a picture of the front suspension detail restored to O.E.M. look......

Well, here's the finished engine... runs good too!! I have not driven a car with this much power since we had our first R/T in college 25 years ago!

Underneath shot of engine and transmission detailing to O.E.M. look.

Finished interior shot....

Back view....

We started working on this car in April 1993 and finished it in November 1995. It has been restored back to original factory condition with as many date coded parts as possible with very few exceptions.

Now you may be wondering how much all of this cost. Well if you've been patient enough to read this far, thanks and just look through the empty checkbook to see what this little project cost (if your interested in knowing).

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