Why did we like MOPAR cars???

Maybe our Grandfathers were to blame....

Both were Dodge boys.....

The only cars I ever knew this Granddad to drive were Dodges...

Our other Granddad drove this really cool car. We loved to go on trips in this 413 C.I. Dodge with staggered duel quad carburetors... For some reason Grandpa always complained about bad gas mileage?!

Being twins our first ride home from the hospital was in this 1950 Dodge. You might say we've been Dodge boys for a long time.

Then in 1966 our Dad's insurance went through the roof when his two teenage son's began to drive at the same time. My brother and I worked all summer mowing lawns to buy our first car. It was a 1958 DeSoto Firedome. We bought it from our grandmother for $200.

We soon found an old Chrysler Fire Power 392 C.I. HEMI engine and bought it for $16. After rebuilding it and putting in a racing camshaft and big Holly carburetor the engine soon found its way into the Desoto........ .......From then on we have been die hard MOPAR fans.

All during high school our black 1958 DeSoto with no front bumper (we thought it looked better that way) big tail fins and HEMI engine was known as the BATMOBILE. It surely wasn't as good looking as some of the kid's newer cars but for some reason everyone who knew anything about it never turned down a chance to ride in the HEMI powered Desoto.

Having made it through high school my brother and I still longed for a real factory built MOPAR musclecar. Thanks to a great dad we acquired a 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T. It had a 440 C.I. 375 H.P. Magnum engine with a 4 speed and sure-grip rear end. I remember when we first went to look at the car to see about buying it, some guy that was looking at it just as we got there was leaving for a test drive. He pulled out onto the street, dumped the clutch and tire smoke poured off of both rear wheels all the way up the block. My brother and I looked at each other and we both thought to ourselves Theres no way dad is going to let us have a car that runs like that. All he said was that he was glad to see that the engine didn't burn any oil. ......We went off to college in that MOPAR musclecar. It's been 25+ years since then and my brother and I still wish we had kept that R/T!

Thanks for looking at my reasons (or excuses) for the hobby I have once again gotten into. I'm lucky to have my brother in the same town so we can relive the good old days, working on restoring our old MOPAR musclecars while listening to The Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, Vanilla Fudge, and the Rolling Stones on the stereo. ..Now back to the present and my restoration home page