Updated Pictures of the HEMI Car Restoration

For you car enthusiast who might wonder why we MOPAR fans make such a big deal over a 28 year old engine like this... All I can say is you had to be there! (Sorry for being nostalgic, but the rumbling sound and tire frying torque these cars made was something to see...and that was right off the dealer's showroom floor !!)

This is the 426 C.I.D. HEMI engine in our '68 Coronet R/T before restoration began. We had already taken several parts off, but you can get an idea of what these engines looked like. Spark plugs go through the center of valve covers and two Carter AFB 4 barrel carburetors go on the aluminum intake manifold.

Front view of the '68 Coronet R/T

In this picture we have adapted the crude "dolly" we made to move the car body around on to remove the entire front suspension, k-frame, lower control arms, power steering gear box, engine and transmission all at the same time. In essense we reversed the process Chrysler used to assemble the car when it came down the assembly line 29 years ago. We raised the body up off of the suspension and engine/transmission assembly.

This is a view from under the right rear of the car looking toward the front while the car is still on the lift. As a safety precaution we chained the body to the lift arms on the front just in case the car became off balance when the engine weight was removed. Even with the rear axle and wheels still on the car, balance was not a problem.

Close up view of the engine as it looked when removed fron the car.

Here we have gotten the body onto the "dolly" and are removing all the other parts.

As our work progresses I'll keep you up to date...

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