These are some links to Auto Related Web Sites

MOPAR Related links:

MagnumXE Web Site is a great place to find info about these late '70s classic Dodge cars.

Sandys Garage is one of the coolest Mopar sites on the Net. Check out the webcam of his restoration progress.

ALL PAR has all kinds of Mopar related info and links.

Lee's Blown Injected Hemi Madness page some good close up pictures of 426 Hemi's as well as other Mopar info.

Dallas Mopar Web Site has great information on Mopar links, pictures, specific topics, and other Mopar news.

Ward's Cars of Interest has your answers about E-body, and other Mopar musclecars. (Also has some great pictures.)

Muscle Car Garage has some great muscle car pictures and info.

Homepage DeSoto has great stuff on Desoto automobiles, and their history.

Charger Homepage of Australia will show you what the folks down under have been playing with that wasn't even available in the U.S.

Howell Automotive is a speed shop just for Mopar cars, check out the list of parts on their website.

High Performance Mopar one of my favorite magazines.

MOPAR ACTION ONLINE another one of my favorite magazines. (I especially like the special Tech Issues they put out, tons of info.)

Chrysler Corp. Home Page

Magnum Force Racing is a must see sight for Mopar racers. They even do work on non-Mopar cars as well.

Mopar Alley Club

66/67 Dodge Charger Club

Links for other Marques and Automotive Interest

eAuto Check out eAuto
for the latest in automotive information...

Automotive & Accounting Software by R*KOM have software programs for truck & auto repair shops, gas stations, used car dealers, fleet managers (anyone who owns a vehicle) and general retail accounting. FREE demos to download - some FREE software.

Bill Harbort's Automotive Art has great rendering of many of the classic muscle cars of yesterday.

Auto On-Ramp has a lot of neat auto related info and a chat room.

National Mucsle Car Association

National Hot Rod Association

Muscle Car of the Week Page

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